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Next Round of Tax Breaks for NY Brewers

Just over a month ago I wrote about the end of tax and fee exemptions for brewers located in New York. The benefits ceased because of a lawsuit brought by a Massachusetts brewer challenging the constitutionality of the exemptions.

Via the Wall Street Journal, the New York legislature fired back earlier today by introducing a new package of laws, which, among other things, restores the per-gallon tax exemption for in-state brewers.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos assuaged any concerns that the measure would be funded by taxpayer dollars. Instead, he said, the per gallon exemption would be replaced by an equivalent tax credit.

I haven’t read the bills yet, but I suppose they were carefully drafted in order to withstand another possible challenge by out-of-state brewers.

The Brooklyn Brewery certainly applauds today’s news. Although I was left unsatisfied after taking a “tour” of their brewery (I stood in one room for 15 minutes and listened to the tour guide explain the beer making process), I am pleased to no longer expect a higher price the next time I order a pint of the Weisse or Summer Ale.

Bottoms up!

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