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Bellagio Backcheck

Len Barrie, 42, played for four teams in the National Hockey League, mostly during the 1990s. After retiring, he became involved in real estate development in the Victoria, British Columbia (Canada) area. In 2008, he leveraged his partnership in the Bear Mountain Resort to purchase the Tampa Bay Lightning.

His return to the NHL as an owner was short-lived, however, as the team was sold in 2009 amid allegations of irreconcilable differences between Barrie and his co-owner, Oren Koules. It appears Barrie seems to find himself in all sorts of disagreements.

As reported by the Times Colonist, the Las Vegas-based hotel and casino Bellagio LLC filed a notice of claim against Barrie in a Canadian court last week, seeking more than $2 million in unpaid gambling debts.

The statement of claim alleges that in May of 2008 the Bellagio extended to Barrie a $1.5 million line of credit, at 18 percent interest. At that rate, it makes you wonder if Barrie either expected to pay off the loan in very short time, or just wasn’t thinking.

And by the way, Barrie is scheduled to appear in Victoria court on February 23 to face charges for failing to file corporate tax returns on behalf of the Bear Mountain Resort in 2008 and 2009.

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