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The Pen Is Mightier Than the Knife

Trivia question: In what movie is this dialogue heard?

Teenage Mugger: [Man and woman are approached by a black youth stepping out from the shadows, followed by some others] You got a light, buddy? 
: Yeah, sure kid.
[reaches for lighter
Teenage Mugger
: [flicks open switchblade] And your wallet! 
: [guardedly] Give him your wallet.
: [amused] What for? 
: [cautiously] He’s got a knife. 
: [chuckles] That’s not a knife.
[he pulls out a large bowie knife]
: THAT’s a knife.
[Man slashes the teen mugger’s jacket and maintains eyeball to eyeball stare
Teenage Mugger
: S**t!
[he and his friends run off
: [to Woman] Just kids having fun. You all right? 
: [relieved] I’m always all right when I’m with you.

Released in 1986, “Crocodile” Dundee was an immediate hit. The film starred the likable Paul Hogan, who also co-wrote the screenplay. As much as those on the good side of his character Mick Dundee felt safe and secure, Hogan himself feels anything but these days.

Reported in a feature story by The Australian, Hogan has been heavily connected to a tax fraud investigation by Australian authorities known as Project Wickenby. The operation is cited as the largest tax investigation ever in Australia. After six years of efforts, Australian authorities announced that Hogan would not be pursued criminally.

That didn’t stop the pursuits of the Australia Tax Office, who assert Hogan owes a fortune. Allegedly, Hogan channeled income earned from “Crocodile” Dundee and other films into offshore tax havens without reporting it.

Less than a year ago, Hogan traveled into Australia to attend the funeral of his mother, who passed at the age of 101. As if grieving for his loss wasn’t difficult enough, Hogan was issued a departure restraining order during his visit that prevented him from leaving the country unless he became square with his taxes.

Although Hogan reached an agreement with authorities to enable him to leave the country, the order is still in place. And he’s not happy. In fact, The Australian article indicates garnishee notices have been issued to payers of Hogan’s income in order to collect on his back taxes.

It’s a tumbling fall for the 1985 Australian of the Year, and he hasn’t hesitated to publicize his bitterness towards it. Unfortunately, that strategy is unlikely to help him come to agreeable terms with the Australian taxman and move on with his life.

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