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Examples of “Tax Protesters”

Peter Pappas is a fellow tax attorney and tax blogger in Orlando, FL.  He’s been doing the blog thing for quite some time.  And he does it well.  As a result, his blog has attracted a large following.  But not all followers “get it”:


It’s quite simple. Not all taxes violate the 13th Amendment. Yet some do. Any taxes taken from one American to directly benefit another constitute involuntary servitude. All programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any Welfare, individual or corporate that are funded from taxes violate the 13th Amendment. Now, for those who say even if we’re right, we’ll lose. We’ll see about that. If it takes a massive tax revolt… we will take our country back from the thieves and slave masters.

Peter’s post contains a response to John, as well as Peter’s responses to various other commenters.  I admire Peter for taking on these “tax protester” positions, and calmly and coherently responding.

A “tax protester” is considered an individual who takes frivolous tax positions.  And some pay the price for their outspokenness.  Wesley Snipes is currently sitting behind bars for his “tax protester” behavior.  Snipes is seeking review of his case by the U.S. Supreme Court, but it’s very unlikely the Court will hear the case.

For more commentary about “tax protesters,” the penalties associated with taking these frivolous positions, and how to avoid being considered a “tax protester,” check out this Forbes piece by tax attorney Robert W. Wood.

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